Overlay Cabinets: TRADITIONAL

- 73 cabinets and 20 nested panel and hardware families -

Easily create

beautiful Kitchens in Revit

These traditional style overlay cabinets are the most comprehensive, parametric, and consistent set of cabinets you will ever find for Revit! They incorporate over 4 years’ worth of feedback from thousands of users from all realms of the design and construction industry. With these 73 cabinets and 20 nested panel and hardware families, you will no longer need to spend your time building or searching for subpar millwork families. These cabinets function well and look great in plan, elevation, section and 3D. They will save you time and headache on every project.
We also try to price them so that anyone can afford them. $250 for 93 models comes out to $2.69 per family. That’s less than the hourly cost you would pay yourself or a drafter to search for a less worthy free family!

Amazing graphics from all views

The families have been set up in a way to have perfect graphical representation in all views. Everything is set to be clean, elegant and easy to understand.

Here's what families are included:

Important features and functionality:

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