Ivy Pack 01

- 6 Ivy Families Highly Detailed & Scalable -

6 Parametric Ivy Families

This pack contains 6 highly detailed and scalable Ivy families. These families have been designed to work with different walls and wall corners so you can fit them perfectly on the correct spot in your projects.

Detail Level Adjustable

Depending of the detail level (course, medium and fine) of your views the families will have different presentation of the Ivy families.

This means that each family can be presented in 3 different ways.

Scalable (by Type and Instance)

You can easily set the perfect scale with these families. They are scalable both by type and instance parameters.

This means that for each Ivy you get 4 Families, 3 of them are at different sizes (by Type) and one of them is Scalable by an instance parameter, this means that you can manually adjust each one to fit your projects needs.

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