9 Trees - Detailed & Scalable

- Fully parametric, highly realistic Revit tree families -

Here's what you get:

  • Package contains 9 highly detailed families

  • Works with Revit 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022

  • Each comes in 3 fixed sizes and a scalable version

  • Lots of instance materials that let you customize each tree without having to duplicate the type

  • Materials can be modified from the Instance – and Type Properties panels

  • Texture Pack for an even more realistic Rendering

  • Complete video explanation on how to use the families

The Pack Contains these Tree Families:

1. Conifer 1

2. Conifer 2

3. Broadleaf 1

4. Broadleaf 2

5. Broadleaf 3

6. Broadleaf 4

7. Pine

8. Palm

9. Willow

Detail Level

The families are setup to change according to ALL 3 detail levels in Revit (Course, Medium & Detailed).

Detail levels are designed to give you a conceptual minimalistic tree for the course level of detail.

Medium gives you a tree with little to no leaves and finally the Realistic one gives you the Full Effect!

Dynamo Scripts for easy automatic Placement

There are dynamo scripts included which you can use to automatically place trees both in random and in structured (tree line) formation.

Get these 9 parametric families: