What this bundle contains?

  • Bed Family Pack - 5 Bed types and for each type you get 3 sizes, this gives you 15 Families in total

  • Sofa Family Pack - 5 Sofa types, for 3 types you get multiple elements (like ottoman, sofa chair, two seater, three seater, L shape sofa...), so in total this gives you 20 Families

  • Chair Family Pack - 8 Chair types, for two of these types you get 2 families, so in total you get 10 Chair Families

Here are some of the benefits of these High-Quality Families:

Instance Materials
Accurate Material Mapping
Smooth Surfaces with Endless Detail
Multiple Levels of Detail
Possible VG Overrides
On/Off Parameters for pillows and blankets

Purchase the Family Pack Bundle (45 Families in total):