Bed Family Pack

- Set of Families includes 5 Bed Types (each Bed type comes with multiple versions, 15 families) -


Each Bed Type has Multiple Dimensions

Multiple Detail Levels

Each family has been designed to have different appearance depending on the level level of detail in the view. This allows you to have simplified versions of families for working and then have full level of detail for presentation.

Parametric Elements

These sofa families are enhanced by elements such as decorative blankets and pillows. These elements however can easily be turned off by unchecking their visibility parameters.

A few more Important Features:

Smooth Surfaces with Endless Detail
Accurate Texture Mapping

Possible VG overrides

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Bed Family Pack

15 Highly Realistic Parametric Bed Families

This pack contains 5 type of chair families, 15 families in total. All families and highly realistic and parametric. Aside from the families you will get texture maps to insure correct material mapping and tutorials for how to use the families.