What is an Adaptive, Parametric, Array Family?

I'm here to make it simple and easy to create!

These are families that are built in such a way that they are placed like a line and get repeated as many times as it's necessary for your family. It can be a fixed number, a parameter that you change, or the size of the element that is repeated, as we are going to be creating here.

This family is a grate way for you to develop an understanding of how modeling complex parametric families works and to make it fun and easy to learn!

This is what you will learn:

Geometry ready for Parameters

Learn how to properly create geometry in order to be able to control it up with parameters

Proper structure and connections

You will learn proper workflow and set of steps that you have to take in order to make these type or families to work

Formulas and Parameters for smooth operation

Formulas can seem quite intimidating when you first start including them, but we'll make it look easy

Building the Repeating Component

In order to build our parametric array family we first have to start with a simple single component that can be arrayed as many times as necessary. The first few videos will concentrate on building this two stone component as our nested family.

Building the Main Family

The main family incorporates the "two stone component" as a NESTED family. This family is first properly placed, locked in placed and then ARRAYED in order to form all necessary stones.

The next step is to make it all function smooth, and we do that buy connecting the parameters from the nested family to the main family and then create series of formulas that make it function regardless of the height of the wall on which it's being placed.

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*You will need to have Autodesk Revit 2020 or newer installed on your computer in order to use the exercise files. Having some basic understanding of Revit is beneficial for following the course.