Revit Stairs & Railings Pack

All included Stairs and Railings:

[15 Stair types and 10 Railing types in total]


  • American Classic 01
  • American Classic 02
  • Custom Stringer Profile
  • Middle Wooden Support Cantilever
  • Middle Steel and Wooden Support Cantilever
  • Middle Flat Steel Support Cantilever
  • Glass Stairs X Support
  • Glass Stairs H Support
  • Simple Cantilever
  • Arabic Compiled Style

Spiral Stairs

  • Cantilever Wooden Support
  • Cantilever Steel 01
  • Cantilever Steel 02
  • Monolithic 01 (Stringer-Rail+Toprail)
  • Monolithic 02 (Stringer-Rail+Handrail)


  • American Classic
  • Simple Modern
  • 'V' Baluster
  • Square
  • BA_Pipes
  • BA_Fillet Pair
  • Floor to Floor
  • 'V' Baluster Striner
  • 'O' Baluster Floor
  • Arabic Style

Real Stair Supports

X Support Glass Stair

For glass cantilever stairs there are two support options: X support and H support

Middle Flat Steel Support

Flat steel support is a convenient way of supporting wooden cantilever stairs

Spiral Canteliver Steel Support

This type of central steel support is most suitable for circular stairs

Attention to Detail

Rounded Handle Finish

Detailed view of the rounded end of the handle

Railig-Stairs Connection

An interesting and practical way of connecting balusters and stairs

Baluster Support

Another highly functional way of connecting balusters to stairs

Classic Stairs

Glass Stairs

There are two types of glass stairs in relation to supports:

  • Glass Stairs X support
  • Glass Stairs H support

Cantilever Stairs

Spiral Stairs

There are 3 types of Cantilever spiral stairs:

  • Cantilever Wooden Support
  • Cantilever Steel 01
  • Cantilever Steel 02

And two types of Monolithic spiral stairs:

  • Monolithic 01 (Stringer-Rail+Toprail)
  • Monolithic 02 (Stringer-Rail+Handrail)


Placing supports

Stairs are very complicated and that's why it's necessary to have educational videos on how to use each type.

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Important: All families are available in Revit 2021 and newer versions of Revit (2022, 2023, 2024...)