Autodesk Revit: Beginner to Intermediate Level Course 2.0

- Quickest and the most Comprehensive Revit beginner course -

Why do you want to learn Revit?

Revit is not simply a modeling software or an architecture or engineering software, but it’s rather a BIM (building information modeling) platform. Projects get started, managed and finished in Revit. All other project data, from different programs gets integrated into Revit to complete the building information model.

Revit proficiency is no longer a benefit but rather a necessity in the industry today. Check out the job market, go on some interviews… Revit is simply an expectation and a reasonable one if I might add!

What I love about Revit is the fact that it makes you think in building element terms, this makes you a better architect or engineer. We can all draw something that looks nice, but if it’s can’t be build with the building elements that are available to us, then it’s useless. By developing a complete understanding of how Revit operates, you will become more powerful, creative and efficient in todays fast paced world.

Now it's time to learn Revit, let's start with the projects:

Project 1

First project is your quick-start for Revit. This is a quick, easy and fun project that will teach you all of the basics of working in Revit. The key word is speed. In little over an hour, I will show you every single step needed to complete this cool two level house in Revit.

Project 2

This is where we're taking things to the next level. We will build a complete office building, even the structural elements and then produce all project documentation for this complex project.

Project 3

What about complex shaped buildings, is that possible in Revit? YES!
In this project we explore the massing environment in Revit to build complex and unique shapes.

Project 4

What about custom furniture, can we model that in Revit? YES!
In this project we will explore the family editor and create an amazing custom fireplace in Revit.

It's not as basic as that, we learn way more:


Detailing is a major part of any project. This is why we cover all detailing tools in Revit so you can create any detail that you imagine.

Annotation & Tagging

Revit includes some smart automated tools for tagging and annotation. This way you save time when it comes to this usually boring part of work.

Smart Scheduling

Schedules are always necessary so we cover the smart automated workflows for generating complete schedules in Revit.


Legends are fun and can be used on multiple projects once you create them. We will learn how to create them fast and easy.

Amazing 3D views

This is my favorite part, I will show you how to create some amazing presentation views for your projects!

All main view types

We don't cover just the basics, you will learn how to create all views. Floor plans, sections, roof plans and site plans are covered with annotation.

If you think that was cool, we're just getting started!

After completing the projects you will already have the necessary knowledge to get started working on your own project. But in some cases you will encounter a situation that wasn't covered in the course, this is where the Knowledgebase comes in.
Knowledgebase offers 18 chapters dedicated to all specific topics and toolsets in Revit!
You can then use the knowledgebase to get answers to specific questions that arise as your working on your own projects in Revit!

Here's what you get:

*depending on the pricing tier you choose you get the following benefits

Basic tier:

✅ 4 Projects

✅ Clear, easy to follow & straight to the point videos

✅ Subtitles in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian

✅ Watch as many times as you want, come back to rewatch at any time

✅ Project files to follow along

✅ Complete workflow is explained, not just the tools

✅ Non-linear learning so you can start with what’s most important to you

✅ Progress tracking

✅ Email support for all questions about the courses

✅ Clear hierarchy, quickly find what your looking for

✅ Certificate awarded once the course is completed

Premium tier: everything from Basic +

✅ Knowledge base - 18 chapters dedicated to individual toolsets in Revit

Elite tier: everything from Premium +

✅ 1h consultation call (Zoom with screen sharing and access)

✅ Revit Template (for a quick start on new projects)

Autodesk Certification: everything from Elite +

✅ Revit Software (latest version for the duration of the course - 2 months)

✅ 7 Weekly live group sessions with an instructor (with Q/A at 3PM CET)

✅ Autodesk Authorized Training Center Certificate

✅ Limited to 25 student groups, starting every 2 months

Here's what some of the previous students have to say about the courses on

"I have been following Balkan Architect's Youtube videos for some time and I decided to subscribe to his website to develop other areas in Revit and to achieve a more solid foundation in the software. I was very surprised how clear and well organized his tutorials are. The thing that makes his tutorials unique and better than what you find in the internet, is that he is a complete professional not just a technical guy, so you can learn not just the software but how to apply it to real situations through very interesting and modern designs."

  •  Cris Tornero, Architect, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

"I am a sole practitioner and find these courses essential to my practice as I transition to the Revit platform. I use the videos as my "in house" personnel Revit instructor and frequently refer back to the videos for help as I encounter various challenges. The premade templates and families are also products I utilize. I find the instructions clear and helpful. I have tried other courses but none are as comprehensive and "hands on" as Balkan Architect courses. I would encourage anyone learning Revit to give these courses a try!"

  • Chris Carey, Christian C. Carey, Architect, P.C.

“I am a Civil Engineering student and I learnt all the architectural and structural designing on Revit because of Balkan Architect. The courses are very detailed yet simply explained. They cover all the topics and one can easily master the tools and features in Revit. I can proudly say that I learned more on this website than I did in my classroom.”

  • Deep Sethia

Author bio

I'm a software obsessed architect that was always impressed with how new software can make us more productive and creative. As I was learning Revit myself, I have realized that modern software is really complicated and that learning it takes tremendous effort. Traditional academic approach to learning Revit made me want to give up many times...
This is why, when I finally mastered it, I decided to make a new and better way to learn Revit. This also allowed me to combine my love of architecture software and love of teaching, I was a student/assistant during my university days and have since been providing guest lectures on the Belgrade University, Department of Architecture on the topic of Revit and BIM.
With over 600k youtube subcribers and over 4000 happy students that completed the Beginner to Intermediate level course, the rest is history, as they say!

Choose a Pricing Option:

*Autodesk Certification Tier will be available soon!

Buying for a company?

Contact us in order to get special discounts for multiple users, consultation services and custom template and family library building. We can also issue a company invoice and offer bank transfer as a payment method.

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Questions and Answers:

  • Do I get Revit software to follow the course?

Revit software is included for the duration of the course only on the top payment plan (Autodesk Certification - 399$), for other payment plans it’s not included. I would recommend getting the free trial (30 days). After that you can get Revit LT, if you need Revit for architecture, it’s a much more affordable option. In case you’re a student at a university you can get a free student version on the autodesk website.

  • Is this a live course?

No, the course is on-demand video, so you can follow it at your own paste. Only if you get the top payment plan (Autodesk Certification - 399$), the course is designed to last 7 weeks with weekly instructor live meetings, however the videos will be available to you indefinitely.

  • Can I go back or rewatch parts of the course?

Yes! You have lifetime access to all material so you can go back and rewatch it as many times as you like.
Also in the future, there will be updates to the course as new features are released in Revit.

  • Is the course in Imperial or Metric units?

Both! The instructor is using metric units, but is showing the imperial units option at all steps. There are also project files both for people working in Metric and Imperial units.

  • Can I ask questions? Is there support?

Yes, if you get the top payment plan (Autodesk Certification - 399$), the course includes live sessions with one of our instructors and live 1 on 1 sessions if necessary. For all other payment plans, you get email support to ask any questions about the course. If you need some 1 on 1 help with Revit questions not related to the course, we offer that as well, you can find it here:

  • Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you will be getting a balkan architect certificate of completion as soon as you finish all material. If you get the top payment plan (Autodesk Certification - 399$), there will be a short test and you will be getting an Autodesk Authorized Training Center Certificate after completing the course.

  • Do I get Revit files?

Yes, you will get project files for each lesson to follow along, the files are in Revit 2021 and newer versions, so as long as you have Revit 2021 or newer, you will be able to follow along easily.

  • What if I don’t like the course?

No worries, check out the course and after two weeks (as long as you haven’t completed more then 30% of the course), if your not happy with the course, you can get full refund.